three new releases; long overdue:

Raglani's 'Husk', a "best-of" double LP collection featuring new material among tracks from the early years of his output (mainly featured on small-run cassette and cd-r editions.  His second mass market release following 2008's Of Sirens Born

Pedestrian Deposit's 'Kithless'
, their first LP release as a duo following their two compact disc releases on Monorail Trespassing.  They will be touring the USA in support of this record in May and June.

Everyday Loneliness' 'Recontextualizations', a full-length cassette focusing on blurred repetitions and fragments. The first release from this project since 2010.

There are a few news items around the distributed section (Spectrum Spools releases, Bryter Layter LP).

And finally, if you have received a defective copy of Sam Goldberg's 'Having Had Forgot':  There have been extended issues with the pressing plant in regards to thismatter, legal issues which are partly to blame for the delay of these new releases.  I am very pleased to those issues settling down at the moment. 
I am fairly certain that I have squared everything away with those who have sent a message, but if you have not yet been in touch, please do: info@arborinfinity.com

Thanks, take care- Mike